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City of Spokane

CSO Basin Tank The pictures shown are of a doghouse style vault; which goes over an existing 60” concrete interceptor line for the City of Spokane. This interceptor line runs directly to the City of Spokane Sewage Treatment plant. By utilizing this style of a vault, the contractor is able to set the vault while […]

Private Residence

This great looking residential wall utilizes some of the best attributes of the Redi-Rock® system. There are 3 types of Ledgestone blocks in this wall, Gravity, Planter, and Freestanding. These blocks allow for building a wall up to 12’ tall without reinforcement. This configuration also provides an integral planter within the wall.

Spokane River

Boat Launch Panels These panels were added to the Spokane river to improve the boat launch capabilities in Lake Spokane. By using precast panels, the contractors can focus on the rest of the boat launch without concern for the structure or stability of the underwater launch.

Sullivan Bridge

Redi-Rock® This project created a safe pathway to access the walkway to cross the Sullivan Bridge. The total length measured just over 295 feet long with a steady incline from 0 to 15 foot high retaining wall. Blocks used: Total Weight: 1,138,329 LBS

Wenatchee Olds Station

Wet Well This project was part of a sewer extension project in Wenatchee, WA. This 12′ x 14′ Wet Well measured 21′ deep, with the piece shown weighing in at 42,000 pounds. Each piece was delivered on a flat bed trailer and then assembled by crane due to the size and weight of the custom […]

Wildlife Overpass

Custom Wildlife Overpass This overpass allows wildlife to safely cross the highway without endangering themselves or the drivers on the road. Since the installation of this overpass, the amount of vehicle vs animal has been greatly reduced. Type of Product: MSE Panels