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Wilbert Precast meets even the strictest containment standards.

Our strong, extra-durable precast concrete 916 tanks are designed to offer years of containment and protection. Wilbert Precast 916 tanks meet strict regulatory guidelines to safely house petroleum, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. Our 916 tanks are versatile, cost-effective, and strong enough to protect the surrounding environment for decades to come. 

Wilbert Precast Concrete 916 tanks are available in capacities ranging from 3,000 gallons to 9,200 gallons. Unlike poured-in-place options, our precast concrete tanks require fewer installers — saving time and money from the very start. 

Download the drawings below to explore our product line. Don’t see what you need? Get in touch. 

3000 Gallon
Weight: 51,953 lbs.
Product ID: 916-3DGT

4000 Gallon
Weight: 55,870 lbs.
Product ID: 916-4DGT

5000 Gallon
Weight: 59,770 lbs.
Product ID: 916-5DGT

6000 Gallon
Weight: 61,720 lbs.
Product ID: 916-6DGT

9200 Gallon
Weight: 74,794 lbs.
Product ID: 916-9S

8000 Gallon
Weight: 67,570 lbs.
Product ID: 916-8S

7000 Gallon
Weight: 65,607 lbs.
Product ID: 916-7DGT