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RediStair® is the concrete product that can bring the value of a concrete stair to a building owner at a cost competitive with steel stair systems. The advantages of concrete stairs over steel are many: they are more durable, quieter, and provide greater architectural appeal than steel or steel stringer with concrete tread systems. The trade-off has always been the cost to upgrade from steel to concrete. RediStair® may be the answer.

Your Stair Solution

Since 2006, thousands of RediStair® stringers have been installed in commercial construction projects - bringing safety and efficiency to contractors, as well as a tasteful, durable end-use product to developers and owners.

RediStair® with high-end Class A finish. 

RediStair® with standard finish.
Egress Corridor Stair assembly.

There When You Need It

Designed to simplify the construction process, RediStair® allows installation of the stair system as the building rises, reducing or eliminating the need for temporary stairs. Having the permanent stair system in place significantly improves jobsite safety and efficiency without the redundancy and cost of temporary stair requirements.

Live Deck

Typically, RediStair® stringers are delivered to the job site on a “just in time” basis and installation ideally occurs as they are lifted off of the delivery truck.  The delivery is scheduled to occur 1-3 days prior to the elevated deck pour adjacent to the stair tower.